Lawrence Lapin

Larry Cropped Picture

Author of Adam’s Chronicles

Adam’s Chronicles are Lawrence Lapin’s latest works of fiction. A best-selling author of statistics textbooks, Larry finds novel writing much more fun. Larry’s stories reflect his own life. Like character Adam Boatwright, he raised pigeons, delivered newspapers, and was an early lover of movies. He too is a university professor.

The series of action adventure thrillers in the Adam’s Chronicles share a story line born during a long walk. Larry had been worrying about the planet’s future and contemplating his own mortality, when he fantasized about a Noah’s Ark saving the world after a future disaster. Adam would be the latter-day Noah and his ark would be a limestone cavern. Instead of a flood, there would be a meteor. The end result would be a utopia, free from many problems facing our world.

The hero needed to be long-lived to pull it all off. He would be a geneticist and physician—simple. Professor Lapin’s novels are part medical thriller, part science fiction action thriller, all with bits of romantic fantasy adventure. His futuristic stories feel more real than what we expect from science fiction. Suspense is compelling, while spiritual and social issues are tackled.

Larry likes to explain things. Adam’s Chronicles have a logical progression and hang together. They move fast. Larry says: “It’s the story that matters.”