Limitations of Adam’s Virtual Immortality

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Superhero Adam Boatwright of Adam’s Chronicles has been the prime mover for life restorations after Earth was hit by a massive “dinosaur-killer.” He has been an effective leader of that lengthy recovery largely by default, enabled by a very helpful condition—an unnatural result of a failed self-experiment to prevent cancer. That side effect has left the geneticist unable to age like a normal person, because it somehow halted errors when his body’s cell divide. That has made him virtually immortal, though the man still can still die from an accident, poisoning, drowning, or major trauma. Furthermore, the enabling condition is believed to be just temporary.

Perfectly diving cells will not stop Adam’s bones from decaying over time. He has found a cure in which periodic treatments restore chemicals to aging bones. Similar issues occur with the superhero’s teeth, eyes, inner ears, and other body parts that do not involve mitosis (dividing cells).

Adam’s Chronicles is a series of science-fiction books told as a continuing story, Adam will find solutions similar to his bone treatments for maintaining and repairing inevitable non-cellular damage to other parts of his youngish body. (You may call that “black magic” if you wish. There are limits to what even science-fiction authors can dream up.)

I can imagine other issues presenting similar problems for Adam as he lives on with his virtual immortality. What might be expected of his psyche? Can he remain sane living a lie for 500 plus years? Will his mind remain sharp? What about neurons in his brain? Will they regenerate like a normal person’s or will they degenerate, leaving Adam to die of dementia?

The nice thing about fiction, and science fiction in particular, is that authors have great freedom to take license. What limits us most is the patience of our readers. In the case of fantasy and science-fiction, success also depends on willingness to suspend disbelief. I try to nurture that by keeping my stories plausible.

At the time of this posting, the following four books comprise the Adam’s Chronicles series, with more to be added.

Layout 1      Adam's New World 0616 (Small)      Adam's Tiger 0616 (Small)      Layout 1

Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


All of the above are available at Amazon as Kindle E-Books.

What Others Say About This Series

Awesome story of restoration of Earth—an epic novel, one that shall never be forgotten. Dr. Lapin is truly gifted as a story teller. … Powerful, fast page turning story. Highly recommend—Nancy of Utah, Amazon Reviewer.

Great book, it is the kind of book you can’t wait to read again—Sandra Potter, Amazon Reviewer.

I am fascinated by the quality of this book. … A wonderful blend of thrilling adventure, science fiction and romance. … It delivers on so many different levels. Well done—Dennis Waller, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer.

This story had every element … an exciting plot, attention to detail, but best of all fleshed out, well-written and well-rounded character development. Abundance of well-illustrated scenes. … had me immersed from the beginning. The story flows … with ease, and the author shows exceptional skill when it comes to storytelling. … Twists and turns in this page turner … make you want to read it non-stop. … Highly recommended—Piaras, Amazon Reviewer.

Phenomenal series offers elements of the thriller, mystery, science fiction, and romance genres. Dr. Lapin’s novels are exciting, with wonderfully developed characters and situations—Jada Ryker, Top 1,000 Amazon Reviewer.

Mad scientist or brave hero? … A murder mystery, medical thriller, and science fiction novel all rolled into one. I recommend it highly—Diane Rapp, Amazon Reviewer.

A fast paced story so plausible that I had trouble figuring the line where science fact and science fiction resides. … That credibility made the debate about the desirability of immortality real instead of fantasy. … An entertaining read—Capt’n Bob, Amazon Reviewer.

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