Embryo and Egg Collections for Later Restoration

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Adam’s Chronicles is concerned with restoring life to Earth following a meteor disaster that kills-off most species. An earlier posting concerns issues in restoring the biggest mammals along with the tiniest microbiota they would need for survival.

Most animal life in the Adam’s Chronicles stories would be restored using fertilized eggs or embryos saved from before the killer meteor. Getting those would have been a challenge, especially for elephants and whales. Earlier series books skirt lightly over the life-form collecting process. Future books will cover these issues through passages of backfilled narrative, told in flashbacks.

Under the best circumstances, it would be hard to collect embryos from the largest mammals. Such time-consuming accumulations should have begun long before the discovery of disastrous Comet Icarus. Even after massive effort, life collections would be spotty, with a majority species of all types and sizes never represented.

And how do biologists get viable embryos from whales? Protoplasm for them would be hard to retrieve from rare animals that are too large to pen and impossible to safely immobilize. However, whale embryos might be created in vitro with eggs and sperm retrieved from carcasses and preserved for centuries, eventually to mature under controlled conditions.

An interesting case would be restoring a species for which only female embryos had been saved. Blue whales, for instance, might be temporarily restored by employing cloned cetacean cows. But that would require continued human intervention. Only restored bull blues migh provide a permanent solution.

Geneticists might artificially create male blue-whale DNA. Such trickery is discussed in Adam’s Pouched Lion, where only female DNA is available. Scientists contemplate creating an artificial Y-chromosome (male only) by adapting segments from a related species, the Tasmanian Tiger-Wolf. After also removing the strictly female DNA from the cloning ovum, a surrogate mother would be implanted with the patched-up embryo. In the case of a blue whale, DNA from the male of a cousin-species—perhaps a fin whale—might be spliced onto a stripped-down molecule from the donor female blue. The future offspring would be hybrids, but the blue whale’s ecological niche would be preserved for future evolution.

Does this all sound a bit far-fetched? Of course, as it should be. This is, after all, science fiction.

At the time of this posting, the following four books comprise the Adam’s Chronicles series, with more to be added.

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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