Intercepting an Astronomical Threat to Earth

Lawrence L. Lapin

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A high-speed space object on trajectory to crash into Earth must be intercepted in deep space. Simply hitting a big rock with a powerful bomb might leave a cluster of smaller objects having the same trajectory as before. Nobody knows if that can even be done. A better strategy might be to nudge a lethal asteroid just enough to miss our planet. But first we must find the asteroid or comet, intercept it, and finally redirect it.

Imagine what it might take to redirect a rock several kilometers wide. If an outside force can be applied long enough, significant movement off-trajectory could occur. Even a tiny nudge might be sufficient. The further away an interception occurs, the longer would be the opportunity for that and the greater would be the probability of success.

A threatening object can be traveling tens of thousands of miles per hour. Thus, Earth’s defensive probe might have to travel millions of miles to make a successful interception.

Might that be achieved by an Earth launch? Experience shows that it takes vast energy just to escape the Planet, and our probes now take days just to reach the moon, a couple of hundred thousand miles distant. Earth itself would not be a very practical interceptor launch point.

Our Moon might be adequate place for an interceptor station. Less energy would be needed to gain the necessary rocket momentum. With enough advanced warning, a lunar-launched probe would move faster and make a deeper rendezvous. Earth itself might assist a probe gain speed by means of a gravity-assisted boost, slinging the interceptor around the Planet on a circuitous route to the flying threat.

Should it all work as planned, the interceptor might be guided onto a soft landing on the killer asteroid. Using its remaining fuel supply to thrust the rocket engine inward on the rocky mass, an asteroid might be nudged onto Earth-avoiding trajectory. Energy might also be augmented by harnessing solar-power. Solar radiation might even complete the job by having the probe apply a coating of reflective material, so that the Sun rays push the rock on one side, gradually moving it into an Earth-avoiding trajectory.

This is all pure science fiction, but seems doable. The alternative would be to allow another “dinosaur killer” ruin life on the Planet. My book Adam’s Caverns tells how a ground-based effort might save life on Earth when no space probe is yet available.

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The epic survival tale begins, as Book I of Adam’s Chronicles tells of the world facing pending impact by a gigantic meteor. Adam Boatwright faces his greatest challenge: preparing for the collision and dealing with the aftermath of the massive calamity.

When all hope of saving the planet is lost, the rescuers hole up in a deep cavern to wait out the catastrophe. Their story deals with worthiness of the human race, family planning, reproductive politics, planned mutations, cloning, animal rights, immortality, sexual preferences, and what life to restore. They encounter betrayal, career crises, shattered dreams, sacrifice, and renewal.

The common thread of this book is science, discussed in ordinary language. Subjects include controlled evolution, intelligence enhancements, non-cryogenic embryo storage, expanded animal-human communications, and prolonged cessation of the aging process.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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