Boundary Layer and Dinosaur Extinctions

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Although fossil evidence had long pointed to the rapid disappearance of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, it was long a mystery as to the extinctions’ cause. It took a father and son team, researchers named Alvarez, to provide hard scientific evidence that the cause was terrestrial—a large asteroid hitting Earth at high speed.

The scientists’ solution to the great mystery lay in rocks from two geologic eras—the Cretaceous and Tertiary—separated by a layer of iridium everywhere on the Planet. The Alvarezes maintained that the rare element had extraterrestrial origins, since only atmospheric fallout could be so widespread. They hypothesized that the iridium deposits—known as the K-T boundary layer—was actually compacted dust from Earth’s collision with a large meteor, though corroborating evidence was needed.

Satellite radar provided confirmation by locating the K-T meteor impact site, on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. There sits a crater fifty miles wide and just the right age. The amount of K-T iridium deposited indicates the meteor was about six kilometers wide. The oblong distortion in local topography tells the direction of impact, presumed to be the effect of zooming down at thirty thousand miles per hour. Coming from the south, the collision’s blast must have scorched half the Northern Hemisphere, with winds of several hundred miles per hour pushing hot, vaporized debris all over the continent. All plants burned and entire animal species cooked.

The smoke must have blackened the sky, adding soot to the dust and debris skirting the atmosphere, like the belching from a thousand Mount St. Helens volcanoes. The fires explain the disappearance of many plant families from the north. Notable among them were early conifers, such as the Norfolk pine, now a New Zealand native. But fires were only the initial phase of the catastrophe.

Creatures and plants of all types perished as Earth became dark and cold. Massive die-offs took place in the sea and on the land. The few survivors from the years-long winter inhabited a hostile, cold world. Large animals and uncloaked terrestrial creatures couldn’t thrive. Dinosaurs were most familiar victims, though entire families of other animals and plants also became extinct.

My book, Adam’s Caverns, is a fictional account of survival and subsequent life-restorations, should a similar event occur in today’s world. I tell my story with the hope that it may encourage people to take extra-terrestrial threats seriously. We need to devote resources to protect the Planet and to restore life should such a catastrophe again occur. Another space object is bound to hit our Planet. We have the luxury of time and the capability to do something about it.

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The epic survival tale begins, as Book I of Adam’s Chronicles tells of the world facing pending impact by a gigantic meteor. Adam Boatwright faces his greatest challenge: preparing for the collision and dealing with the aftermath of the massive calamity.

When all hope of saving the planet is lost, the rescuers hole up in a deep cavern to wait out the catastrophe. Their story deals with worthiness of the human race, family planning, reproductive politics, planned mutations, cloning, animal rights, immortality, sexual preferences, and what life to restore. They encounter betrayal, career crises, shattered dreams, sacrifice, and renewal.

The common thread of this book is science, discussed in ordinary language. Subjects include controlled evolution, intelligence enhancements, non-cryogenic embryo storage, expanded animal-human communications, and prolonged cessation of the aging process.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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