A Short Story on Whale Evolution

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Adam Boatwright is a geneticist and medical professor. The hero of my book, Adam… Forever, Adam daydreams his own short story of sea mammal evolution. It is all conjecture, almost fantasy, flashing through his mind while flying over the Aleutians in a small plane.

Everything started with a four-legged land carnivore that took long swims in the ancient sea, where fish were easier to catch than terrestrial prey. One pup was born with webbed feet, a random mutant genetic event. Not very mobile on the land, she performed better in water and outdid her siblings catching fish. Her own pups also had webbed feet. Over the span of several hundred years, the web-footedness gene spread throughout the original population and became more prevalent.

Adam spotted several isolated locations on lonely island shores that seemed ideal places for the next evolutionary stage. Over thousands of years, several more random genetic events created a race of better swimmers. Those aqua “wolves” resembled modern otters. Some migrated to new locations, losing all contact with the original web-footed group.

Adam’s mind wandered, letting the process continue through tens of thousands of years. One group did not change much, and adapted well to its environment. It separated from another group, which was changing to resemble modern seals as their pups became more streamlined and better suited for longer open-water living. A third group could survive without touching land. Some of their pups were born with nasal openings higher in their heads, becoming better breathers in rough seas. A further evolutionary milestone had been met.

Some of those animals bore offspring with extra surface body fat, giving them better protection in cold waters. Their fur was an impediment to fast swimming, and furless pups experienced slightly higher survivability than their hairy cousins. Over hundreds of thousands of years, the small, gradual changes accumulated, as the dominant furless group became more and more fishlike in form.

At that evolutionary milestone, Adam’s mental image had moved millions of years beyond that first web-footed “wolf.” The proto-whales had now spread around the globe. One family evolved with strainer plates in their mouths, allowing them to skim the ocean for food. They were primogenitors of modern baleen whales. Another group kept their teeth; their descendants evolved into today’s toothed whales and dolphins.

The above story was part of the early drafts of Adam… Forever. It was not included in the current published versions of the novel.


Prequel to the Adam’s Chronicles series. The story tells how geneticist and surgeon, Adam Boatwright, uses his skills to prevent his wife’s impending cancer. Adam engineers a super virus that continually generates chemicals that fight off viruses and cancer.

As a test, Adam infects himself with that mutant virus. But the side effect is prevention of aging, and he becomes virtually immortal. Convinced that long lives would destroy the human race, Adam becomes caught in a web of intrigue and conspiracy as he tries to stop profiteers from exploiting his super virus.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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