Australia Presents Special Challenges to Life Restorers

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Of the six populous continents on Earth, Australia may present the most challenging biology for re-wilding or restoration. Such activities are reflected in my futuristic book, Adam’s Pouched Lion, which takes place after our Planet has been hit by a larger “dinosaur killer.” The story focuses on the planet-wide life-restoration efforts led by long-lived geneticist Adam Boatwright, who has been a plant and animal rescuer for over five centuries.

Adam wears many hats, including being a world-class ecologist and government official. The scientist is temporarily working in Australia. Even now he marvels that the continent had been populated by pouched mammals, the marsupials. Such animals had been way under-represented in the wilds of other continents, where placental mammals dominated. Odder still, was the proliferation of reptiles in Australia, especially poisonous ones.

From the outset of restorations, Adam had been zealous at insisting that all restored life be brought back only to places where they had evolved. He remembers well the troubles invasive species brought to the pre-meteor world. With most lost in the giant meteor’s aftermath, proper balance is easily maintained simply by placing native plants and animals in their original homes. After all, Nature had sorted things out over millions of years of evolution.

Thus, except for platypuses and their spiny-anteater cousins, all ground mammals restored in Australian wilderness are marsupials. The post-calamity continent’s only non-flying or non-aquatic placentals are pets, agricultural livestock, or zoo creatures. And few farm animals are needed—nearly all of them birds or grazers, such as sheep and dairy cows. Only licensed breeders are allowed to keep any animals with intact reproductive systems.

Now Adam wants to bring back certain species gone extinct long-before the astronomical disaster.

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In Book IV of Adam’s Chronicles Planet Earth is still recovering from a disastrous meteor impact. The centuries-long effort to restore animals and plants—and mankind itself—has been expanded to include bringing back certain mammals that went extinct much earlier.

Adam Boatwright worries about the future. The long-lived geneticist wants a world with a small human footprint. But he also wants to compensate for the earlier ruin people brought. His ambitious goal is improving the planet’s platform for future evolution. In doing so he has reversed extinctions, starting with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats. In the works are bringing back long-dead keystone Australian predators: Tasmanian tiger-wolves and marsupial lions.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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