Few Species Would Be Restored After Astronomical Catastrophe

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Earth is now facing an extinction event progressing thousands of times faster than ever before, and there is little time left even to save eggs, embryos, seeds, and spores for possible future restorations. Under best circumstances, only a tiny percentage of disappearing life forms could ever be brought back, and those must begin with a good enough collection of regenerative life spores.

The smart thing would be preventing extinctions in the first place. We cannot even do that without first addressing climate change. The odds seem against continued life, as we know it, on our planet.

What if a dedicated group began a life-restoration collection? It would include only a representative sample of species from various groups, since no organization would be big enough to amass everything in the time available. For example, the collection might include embryos of domestic dogs, one wolf species, coyotes, and one fox type. Other canids would be missing. Bats might number a dozen species out of hundreds. Frogs might be one percent of what we know. Maybe two dozen species of birds, fifty ants, a thousand beetles, and forty earth-dwelling worms would be saved. The short list should include all major orders and classes. And what about the microbiota needed for higher-order animals to thrive? Quite a challenge!

This is the prospect faced by the life rescuers in my book, Adam’s Tiger, as they attempt to make up for the catastrophe arising from the Icarus-spawned meteor, a blob ten times bigger than the crashing rock that killed-off the dinosaurs. At best, they can only start the repairs. It would take millions of years of future evolution to bring Earth back to the richness and diversity we know.

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Book III of Adam’s Chronicles moves 500 years into the future. Planet Earth is still recovering from a disastrous meteor impact. The centuries-long effort to bring back animals and plants—and mankind itself—is nearing its conclusion.

Humans make a small footprint in this renewed world, though ecological disaster is expected from explosive population growth. Changes are in the works, troubles are brewing, and Adam Boatwright worries about the future.

The long-lived geneticist vows to discourage mankind from again ruining the planet. He also takes on a new goal: to make life more robust while improving the platform for future evolution. In doing so, he would bring back animals driven to extinction by early humans, starting with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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