Flying with no Land-Based Navigation Aids

Lawrence L. Lapin

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We have become used to Google maps telling us in microscopic detail how to drive our cars from our home in City A to our friend’s home in City X. Navigating an airplane would be a much greater challenge.

The most obvious problem when flying is that a mistake can be fatal. (Imagine running out of gas at 10,000 feet while being lost over the ocean.) avigation nerd must periodically deal with the question: “Where am I?” Fortunately modern aviation provides navigation aids, radar positioning, and friendly controllers to provide assistance.

Getting lost in the air is easy without ground based navigation aids. It has always been difficult. While flying over enemy territory in World War II, entire Air Force wings—with hundreds of bombers—often missed their targets due to positioning errors.

Let’s imagine that we are flying at night, over the ocean, and that there are no land-based navigation aids of any kind. That is what the survivors of the meteor collision face in my book, Adam’s New World. They must navigate like ancient seafarers—but always in danger of falling from the sky, the ultimate peril with aviation.

Restoration pilots flying the skies of a badly damaged planet would rely only on themselves, using salvaged pre-catastrophe maps, a magnetic compass for direction, and a sextant to obtain latitude. Longitude would have to be estimated and updated by checking landmarks of known position, adjusting all the while for the influence of erratic winds coming from unknown directions and of varying speed. Over ocean, the only navigational “landmarks” would be in the sky and above any cloud cover.

The recovering world could offer no help, no emergency landing strips, and little signs of human activity of any kind. All flights must involve aircraft with sufficient fuel for planned trips—perhaps a long ones—pushing all limits. That would include detailed planning and movement along a great circle connecting the start and finish at minimal distance.

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Adam emerges as a full-fledged superhero. Book II of Adam’s Chronicles begins where Adam’s Caverns left off, with a handful of adults and their closely related children. All over the battered planet they are restoring life almost totally wiped out by the massive meteor. People are caught in a tight genetic funnel. To thrive, the two groups of surviving humans must pool their genetic material and carefully plan the next generations.

Adam Boatwright leads the genetic engineering necessary to give survival diversity to both animals and humans. The highly intelligent apes are in the process of being integrated into society and are treated as hairy people. Some request that Adam modify their genetic lines to permit speech and make it easier to walk on two legs. Others want to live in the wild, without humans and mind enhancing chemicals. Conflicts must be resolved.

The new society begins its long growth spurt, but transportation by boat is too time consuming and too dangerous. Infrastructure building starts with salvaging planes and ships. Stored fuels are running too low for that to work, and scarce gasoline must be replaced.

All the while, life must be restored and Adam must keep secret his long life, thereby protecting the future from traffickers in immortality. Can he orchestrate it all while directing a handful of middle-aged survivors with very young children, all spread widely over the planet?

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series.

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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Awesome story of restoration of Earth—an epic novel, one that shall never be forgotten. Dr. Lapin is truly gifted as a story teller. … Powerful, fast page turning story. Highly recommend—Nancy of Utah, Amazon Reviewer.

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Phenomenal series offers elements of the thriller, mystery, science fiction, and romance genres. Dr. Lapin’s novels are exciting, with wonderfully developed characters and situations—Jada Ryker, Top 1,000 Amazon Reviewer.

Mad scientist or brave hero? … A murder mystery, medical thriller, and science fiction novel all rolled into one. I recommend it highly—Diane Rapp, Amazon Reviewer.

A fast paced story so plausible that I had trouble figuring the line where science fact and science fiction resides. … That credibility made the debate about the desirability of immortality real instead of fantasy. … An entertaining read—Capt’n Bob, Amazon Reviewer.

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