Germ-Line Intervention to Correct Hereditary Diseases

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Genetics state-of-the-art is rapidly evolving. One of the most important applications is stopping hereditary diseases from passing on to subsequent generations. Huntington’s Disease is an example of such a malady. Its symptoms appear late in life when the subject begins to lose control of his movements, and within a short time thereafter dies. Particularly insidious is that this disastrous end to life occurs after the gene has passed on to some children. If that hereditary chain can be broken, then the patient’s future generations would be totally free of the disease.

People with just the recessive version of this gene will not get Huntington’s, but could pass it on if the other parent also has a recessive gene. Half the children of such a union would be born with the dominant version. Germ-line intervention is one technique for curtailing such a hereditary disease within a family.

Male sperm is freshly generated constantly, and intervention in the sperm-making mechanism is possible to prohibit certain genes from occurring in the future. If that procedure works in a man’s body, a recessive gene for the targeted hereditary disease would never pass from him. Huntington’s could be eliminated from his line. Systematic duplication of the procedure to males who carry the recessive gene might eventually eliminate the hereditary disease from an entire population.

In my story Adam… Forever, geneticist Adam Boatwright modifies germ lines to eliminate such diseases. He will use his knowledge to evade cancer, with unintended consequences. I do not want to spoil the story now, and Adam’s story expands on genetic intervention, with profound consequences.


Prequel to the Adam’s Chronicles series. The story tells how geneticist and surgeon, Adam Boatwright, uses his skills to prevent his wife’s impending cancer. Adam engineers a super virus that continually generates chemicals that fight off viruses and cancer.

As a test, Adam infects himself with that mutant virus. But the side effect is prevention of aging, and he becomes virtually immortal. Convinced that long lives would destroy the human race, Adam becomes caught in a web of intrigue and conspiracy as he tries to stop profiteers from exploiting his super virus.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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