Converting Female DNA into Male DNA

Lawrence L. Lapin

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My earlier blogs discuss bringing back an extinct animal by finding its bones and patching together strands of DNA extracted from the marrow to get a good whole. That DNA molecule would then be inserted into a vacuated egg from a related species. The final step would involve a cloning-type procedure with that ovum.

Assuming that all of this can be done successfully, the result would be a baby genetically equal to the bone’s owner—an animal that had been extinct for thousands of years. What would the restorers do next?

Presuming that the young animal is female, the scientists could begin a breeding program, starting with this baby. She would be carried to term and nurtured by her foster mom (a female from another species), all supervised by veterinarians and biologists. Perhaps the first baby’s twin sisters would be created too, forming a little group that would help start a wild population.

The restored animals would all be clones until more bones were found and fresh genes became available. Only after the remains of a male are discovered could the species be properly launched. Until that milestone, twin sisters would be implanted with other clones, and all mothers would nurture and teach subsequent generations of females. That might take hundreds of years, with continuous involvement by tenders and scientists.

A bolder approach might speed the process considerably through the artificial creation of a male using a DNA strand of a cloned female that is unrelated to the eventual biological mother of the new boy. This would be strictly science-fictional, genetic “black magic,” though do-able in the abstract. Human breeders would have to insert the Y-chromosome from a male of a different species, patch it up to make it compatible, splice that into the original DNA package, and strip away the female parts (mitochondrial DNA).

The result of all of that might be a freak, and the whole experiment might have to be repeated many times with corrections being made to each successive male DNA. This could also take centuries (just seconds, in geological time).

All of this is just hinted at in my story Adam’s Pouched Lion, as the bone search for Marsupial Lion femurs goes on.

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In Book IV of Adam’s Chronicles Planet Earth is still recovering from a disastrous meteor impact. The centuries-long effort to restore animals and plants—and mankind itself—has been expanded to include bringing back certain mammals that went extinct much earlier.

Adam Boatwright worries about the future. The long-lived geneticist wants a world with a small human footprint. But he also wants to compensate for the earlier ruin people brought. His ambitious goal is improving the planet’s platform for future evolution. In doing so he has reversed extinctions, starting with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats. In the works are bringing back long-dead keystone Australian predators: Tasmanian tiger-wolves and marsupial lions.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

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