Long Life and Evolution of Language

Lawrence L. Lapin

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Language evolves incessantly, almost as if were a lifeform. We experience this most acutely when we hear a person use our native tongue quaintly, like a grandparent questioning a teen, or when we witness the oldster’s mystification at her grandchild’s reply. It can seem almost as if the two generations are speaking a different dialect. Yet, they are only two generations apart.

We’ve experienced a similar phenomenon whenever reading Shakespeare, written about 400 years ago and separated from us by between 16 and 20 generations. That might seem like a completely different language than the English used today.

Flash ahead 500 years, about 20 generations into the future. We can only imagine the level of culture shock we might feel on hearing a conversation. There ought to be the same magnitude of language changes between now and then as there have been between Elizabethan speech and the current vernacular.

Okay, now suppose that you have magically been able to halt the aging process, and you live 500 more years. Unless you changed your speech as the years rolled by, you would have as much difficulty communicating then as the Bard might after being plucked though time and deposited in the early Twenty-first Century.

I have just set the stage for Adam Boatwright’s (superhero of my Adam’s Chronicles) coping with the evolution of language. Book III, Adam’s Tiger, places the virtual immortal man that far into the future. He not only has to cope with English changes, but he must constantly convince the players in his ever-changing present that he belongs with them. He has to change his manner of speech every time he changes his identity in order to maintain the secret of his immortality.

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Book III of Adam’s Chronicles moves 500 years into the future. Planet Earth is still recovering from a disastrous meteor impact. The centuries-long effort to bring back animals and plants—and mankind itself—is nearing its conclusion.

Humans make a small footprint in this renewed world, though ecological disaster is expected from explosive population growth. Changes are in the works, troubles are brewing, and Adam Boatwright worries about the future.

The long-lived geneticist vows to discourage mankind from again ruining the planet. He also takes on a new goal: to make life more robust while improving the platform for future evolution. In doing so, he would bring back animals driven to extinction by early humans, starting with woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats.

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The Adam’s Chronicles Series

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Adam’s story is always brought up to date in fresh ways, so that books in this series may be read in any order.

The following book is the series prequel and may be read independently.


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